Thursday, February 17, 2011

Merger of Group 'B' Posts at OFB

It is unfortunate to note that the Ordnance factory Board overlooked their own decision and ordered the merger of AF(T), F(NT) and SH (Gr.B(NG) with JWM (Gr.G) posts. By this OFB reduced the factory production level supervisor staff to one post i.e, Chargeman. Now this single Chargeman has to report to JWM and AWM,WM,DGM, Jt.GM,AGM and finally to GM of the Factory. He will be made responsible for production and productivity and the other higher officers will excape from the poor/low production, in the factories, since they are not having any accountability. It is unfortunate to note that MOD failed to do their duty of proper Cadre Review at Ordnance Factories. It is understood that th present strength of IE's at OFB nearly 70,000 and the supervisory CM's nearly 8000, the JWMs are nerly 7000 and the group A officers are nearly 1600 or more. Further it is understood that MOD treating these ordnance factories at par with DGQA like service organisations while fixing the cadres strength and grades, ignoring that Ordnance Factories are comes under the category of Industry and not a service orgnistion.

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  1. ple ask the suggestion for cadre review & restructering for JWM cadre so that as any one join in ordnance factory as chargeman till his 30 or 35 yrs of service he should of min DGM Cadre .
    also fight for MACP chargeman must get MACP as per promotional herrarchy not as per grade pay herrarachy.