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Cadre Review of Supervisosry staff at OFB

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The Secretary,
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Sub- Anomalies of Merger of posts of CM II with CM I and AF,SH,FM with JWM,Group B Gazetted at Ordnance factories –
The 6th Pay commission merged the Pay scales and given GPs to the government employees .As per OFB, the merger of posts of CM II with CM I and AF, FM, SH with JWM were done by MOD and not by them. Here MOD treated the DGOF, which is an Industry with DGQA and DGAQA, which aare service departments. This is the first anomaly.
Merging of existing 4 functional posts of the supervisory cadre of Ordnance factories and leaving only 2 functional posts and allowing 5 functional posts to the industrial cadre and more than 7 functional posts to the IOFS cadre is a second anomaly. Here MOD/OFB broke the back bone supervisory staff.
The present merged JWM, Group b gazetted officers are bunch of qualified and un qualified persons of matric to degree holders in engineering. Most of the promoters are matriculates with experience and direct and UPSC candidates are Diploma/Degree holders. Here one JWM has to report to another JWM in the shop floor and at office duties. In other department this type of reporting not exists. No under Secretary Report to another US. Similarly no AWM reports another AWM in ordnance factories. Some cases a senior JWM with matriculation, controls the diploma/degree JWMs.  This is the third anomaly.
As faras CMs are concerned the CM II is merged with CM I post. After 3 years of service the CM II promoted to CM I post. In some factories the CM II not gets promotion even after 10 years. In some factories the CM II gets promotion to CM I after 3 years. After merger who is senior , the CM I  of 3 years promoted CM II or 10 years service of CM II is a question. The CM I was  taken higher responsibilities after promotion from the grade of CM II. This is the fourth anomaly.

As on date the OFB is not prepared the seniority lists of CM and JWMs .
It is pertinent to mention here that the erstwhile Foreman, who is predestinated as JWM are used to draw more basic pay than the AWM (Group A Officer). The AWM used to draw the basic pay of an Asst.Foreman. He used to be the Head of Section and is responsible and accountable for the production of his shop. Now this post pay brought under the AWMs basic pay. This is the fifth anomaly.
There is an impression that MOD desires to privitise the ordnance factories and encourage the private/public sectors. That’s why they announced so many committees to study and recommend the remedial actions. In that plan first demoralize the Supervisory cadre by reducing their functional posts and pay pockets. Here we are grateful to the present De fence Minister Mr.Anthony and state minister Mr.Pallam Raju for their assurances that they are for the existence of ordnance factories and not going to privitise  the organization.
As on date there is no proper duties and responsibilities for these supervisory cadre other than the last point of following the superiors instructions. It is unfortunate to note that there is accountability for any one in the organization from CM to GM. If required CM will be blamed for all production issues and others are not having any responsibilities other than taking their pay perks.
If the MOD desires to destroy the Supervisory cadre then we are not having any other option other than approaching the court oa law.
If really MOD desires to strengthen the Ordnance factories, then they have to strengthen the Supervisory cadre by permitting to continue the past 4 functional posts with the basic pay of rs.9300 with GP's of Rs.4600,4800,5400 and 6600. Until that no further recruitment in the organizations be ensured.
Awaiting your favorable instructions.

                                                 for Save Ordnance Factories.
Copy to
1.Hon’ble Minister of Defence, New Delhi
2.Chairman/OFB Kolkotta

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  1. R/all,
    There was recently a recruitment advertisement for JWM (Metallurgical) in OFB. I would like to you all to kindly share the present conditions of JWM (Metallurgical) in OFB and advise if it would be beneficial for me join there. I am presently working in Indian Oil as Engineer with almost 5 years of service & approx. salary of 50000. What would be the career prospects as JWM (Metallurgical) there. Please advise & help