Thursday, May 10, 2012

Every Junior Workas Managers of Ordnance Factories are not happy with OFB,since they are not treated  as Group B' Gazetted Officers. Calling them as gazetted but treating them as supervisory staff without providing the supervisory benefits . So they feel they are neigheer Gazetted officers nor Supervisosry Staff. As on date there is no Seniority List. The present JWMs are from the direct UPSC recruitees with degree qualition and few are merged AFs,SH and FMs with or with out degree or diploma qualifiction  with out any financial benefits from the merger, and the promotees of CMs with out fixed qualification got promotional benefits and some are passed limited departmental examintion. So fixing seniority is a problem. The merged people got the seniority with effect from 1-3-2006 , even thouth they were merged in 2011. The persons promoted or recruited people after march 2006 are going to be juniors and the case is  at court. OFB is not having any seniorrty policy and takes decisions as per their convenance and encourages people to approach courts. At the same time there is no transfer policy. Merged people feels that they lost the promotional benefits and their juniors got promotional benefits. The degree holders feel that they are forced to work under less qualified people.
OFB made these JWMs are bunch of qualified to unqualified, thus created a lot confusion.
One JWM has to work under one  more just senior JWM, thus created an unrest. This senior JWM who acts as HOS, initiates the ACR report of his junior JWM.
 Most of the decisions are taken by the Higher up at OFB and not bothers to consult the GMs, who are supposed to feel the heat of unrest ,at factory production level.So most of GMs are not happy and not able to answer the problems of JWMs. There is no carreer planing and cadre restructure for these supervisory cadre of CM & JWMs at OFB. Only two functional posts for supervisory cadre and more than 6  functional posts for officer cadre and more than 4 functional posts for Industrial cadre. This  is how OFB functions. Really can they meet the defence needs in case of emergency of war with neighbour countries.MOD feel most of the OF products are substandard and costly and they won't get in time
OFB functions with old drawings with fixed products, with out any development. There is no Design and Development department and procurement process.
 Some one questions the role of  UPSC recruited IOFS cadre in ordnance factories ? The product is fixed along with manufacturing methods with machines, The Industrial employees are performing these things.The existing supervisory staff guides them in production. Then what is the role of these IOFS cadre is not know. Practially the GMs and Supervisory staff are performing the duties along with the industrial staff. In many fadctorties, the GMs approaches directly, the line supervisors for producting and the existing AGMs,JT.GMs,DGM,AWMs are only arnmental in the organisation.and passing the time with perks and status with out any duties and responsibilities. People say that these IOFS cadre is neither technically sound nor administratively sound... Now days  factories are giving the  group D employees privatge parfties in the name of out sourcing. Similarly the some of the products are giving to the private parties. So where is the work for these IOFS cadre, other than passing time.
In the past one DGOF post is there,. Now one chairman / DGOF post and more than 5 member posts, created for getting better perks and facilities with out any responsibilities and accountability.

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  1. R/all,
    There was recently a recruitment advertisement for JWM (Metallurgical) in OFB. I would like to you all to kindly share the present conditions of JWM (Metallurgical) in OFB and advise if it would be beneficial for me join there. I am presently working in Indian Oil as Engineer with almost 5 years of service & approx. salary of 50000. What would be the career prospects as JWM (Metallurgical) there. Please advise & help