Monday, May 14, 2012

Fresh Evidence

New Delhi: Three weeks after the CBI arrested former chief of the Ordnance Factory Board Sudipta Ghosh, crucial pieces are gradually fitting into the jigsaw of procurements and pay-offs in what the agency calls the “biggest corruption scandal in recent times”.
The progress in the CBI probe assumes significance since the Government has put on hold procurement from the seven companies under the scanner — four international and three domestic. Army chief General Deepak Kapoor has already said that India’s artillery upgrade has been delayed waiting for what the CBI comes up with.
Key to the investigation are transcripts of intercepted conversations and testimonies of Ghosh and four of his associates, all of whom are behind bars. Sources have confirmed to The Sunday Express that “forensic matching” of voice samples from the five suspects has been done and that all accused except Pradeep Rana — one of Ghosh’s associates — have admitted to having played a role either as middlemen for the OFB chief or as conduits for alleged payoffs.

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